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Ceramic Cookware






Ceramic Cookware is stylish and functional



The most integral part of any kitchen is cookware. They are used not only for cooking but also decorative purposes. With modernization different materials of cookware is used. They all differ in the quality and feature with each having advantage and disadvantage. Ceramic cookware is great insulator and best to cooking slowly at constant temperature. This term is broadly used from Bone china to terracotta pottery products.


Ceramic cookware has even heat distribution property. All the leading brands design these units to resist cracking on heating and cooling. This is done by using technology to create a special body formula which controls the shape, materials and processing during the manufacturing process. All materials are susceptible to chemical changes and these results in the ingredients in the cookware to react with the cooking vessel which will result in undesirable flavor and color. To avoid this and reduce the reactivity the materials are treated with finishes. The thermal property of any material means amount of energy or heat transferred from one object to another.


Usually a cookware that is able to hold lots of heat and provides even heat is preferred. To test the susceptibility of ceramic for cookware some international test standards are used like EN 13834 and EN 12983-2. USA ASTM or equivalent EN 12875-1 is used to determine the resistance of the cookware and is it dishwasher safe or not. Not all of these cookware are microwave safe, unglazed ones are preferred as they do not absorb the energy too fast and prevent it from breaking. It should also be less porous as lots of heat will be lost and the food will take longer to get cooked.


One name that needs to be mentioned in Ceramic cookware is Xtrema. They give the best and make the units which can cook healthiest of food. These extreme temperature units are highly durable. They are versatile as can be used on a stove top, conventional, microwave or toaster, under broiler and even on barbecue grill. It has uniform heat distribution and longer heat retention. It comes with non scratch ceramic glaze which is 100% safe and environmentally safe too. It has far infrared cooking technology and has bacteria resistant ceramic surface. It comes in attractive and functional shapes and sizes. The unit also features high gloss finish, extra wide carry handles and easy grip covers.


Le Creuset was born in 1925 in France. Their ceramic cookware ranges from oven to tableware with latest styles. They are extremely stylish and yet versatile and functional. They fit into any d├ęcor from modern to traditional with their elegant and refined shapes. Since ceramics can be used from temperature ranging from -18 degree C to +260 degree C. So they can be used from microwave to freezer safe. They are made of highest quality of porcelain. They are easy to clean, scratch free and can withstand chipping, cracking and staining. They include all different shapes like oval, rectangular, round and squares. They absorb odors, moisture or flavor making and thus best suited to storing foods.


Ceramic cookware is a perfect companion for elegant dinners at home.


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